Research units

ESADE's research units are dedicated to the development and sharing of knowledge applicable to the business world, the non-profit sector, the legal professions and society as a whole.


ESADE Brand Institute

The ESADE Brand Institute seeks to generate and promote new knowledge on branding and corporate communications.

Institute of Labor Studies (IEL)

The Institute of Labour Studies (IEL) is a research centre dedicated to exploring and improving the job market sector.

Institute for Social Innovation (IIS)

It is involved in research, training and dissemination in the areas of corporate social responsibility, leadership and NGO management.

Institute for Innovation and Knowledge Management (IIK)

The institute is dedicated to understanding the sources, mechanisms and consequences of innovation.

Leadership Development Research Centre (GLEAD)

The centre works to deepen the understanding of leadership and the competencies that support it.

Chair in LeadershipS and Democratic Governance

The chair is dedicated to addressing the challenges leaders face in the field of democratic governance

Business Network Dynamics (BuNeD)

The group conducts research on how business networks are built and organised.

Group for Research in Economics and Finance (GREF)

The group covers a wide range of areas, including macroeconomics, corporate finance, risk management and capital markets.

Research Group on Knowledge Engineering (GREC)

The group focuses on research and development of techniques in the area of artificial intelligence.

Patrimonial Law Group (Social Change and the Rule of Law)

The group explores the legal factors that can contribute to promoting social change.

ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute (EEI)

The ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute (EEI) is dedicated to promoting academic excellence in the field of entrepreneurship.


ESADEgov, Center for Public Governance, comprises a group of professionals whose work at the School focuses on governments, Public Sector bodies and strengthening links between the Public and Private Sectors.

Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics (ESADEgeo)

It explores globalisation and provides organisations with the necessary tools to address global challenges.

Observatory of Spanish Multinational Companies (OEME)

The observatory studies the challenges Spanish multinational companies face when expanding internationally.

Future of Work Chair

The chair is dedicated to exploring what the future of work will be like and helping organisations transform their culture.

Research Group on Brand Management (GREMAR)

The group carries out cutting-edge research on brand management and consumption.

Research Group on Tourism Management (GRUGET)

The grouop generates knowledge to improve the sustainable management of companies in the tourism sector.

Research Group on Conflict Management

The group carries out research on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, specifically mediation, negotiation and arbitration.

The Jean Monnet Chair at ESADE

The Jean Monnet Chair at ESADE is a project for teaching, research and social debate on European Union (EU) law and European integration.